saph ♡ she/they ♡ sleepiest sheepy in the world


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

hi there! my name is saph! i have been around the block and back again and now i wanna dip my toes into having my own website. blog. thing. yea!
some information i am willing to part with about myself:
♡ my blogs 18+ ! please go away if you're under 18 i'm sorry!!

♡ in full recovery mode. mark my words, i will crush this mental illness against my forehead like a soda can
♡ character designer, fanartist and collector of many an OC. i do traditional art, digital art and 3d art as well
♡ lots of miscellaneous interests, listing them all would be a fools errand;;

stay awhile maybe?
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